29.Jun.2014 Why Is A Continuously Wet Basement Like Marketing On The Internet

It seems like it will NEVER stop raining and just when we get ahead of the mess
in the basement, it starts all over again.

You get it all dried out. And during the night there is a mad downpour and
there you are facing that same task all over again.

And it occurred to me as I was mopping and vacuuming and moving everything
around once again to get at the water underneath… that this reminded me
quite a bit about the many steps of learning internet marketing.

There are SO many ideas out there clamoring for your attention…SO many
different ways of doing marketing. You turn every which way trying to find
out what is real and what is just another attempt to grab your money.

You buy so many different courses that never quite give you everything you
need to actually make some money online, yet you KNOW that it is possible.
You have watched marketers start out small and then in a few years you
realize they have made that much needed breakthrough and are now making
their living online.

HOW did they do it? WHERE did they find out what they needed to know?
(what you need to know)
Is it a set up? Is it a scam? Don’t they want the rest of us to know what
is the truth? It makes it all SO MADDENING!

So you start to follow one person and then they recommend someone’s product
and you follow them too and the next and the next until your inbox is SO
FULL every morning that you lose it and just delete EVERYTHING!
BUT then by the next morning there are all those offers once again and all
that intriguing information to read about all the new products that you
really should have to ‘MAKE’ it online.

And there you sit in information overload, your mind going 100 miles per

Sounds all too familiar doesn’t? This was how I felt until I found Dean
Holland…a regular person just like us who went through it all until he
found the key to internet marketing. He is still a regular down-to-earth
person with one difference…he has decided to give back to those of us
still struggling.

You can check out his story on this video here. You’ll be glad you took

the time to watch it. 

There are 2 Comments to "Why Is A Continuously Wet Basement Like Marketing On The Internet"

  • Margaret says:

    This was an excellent post!!!!!!!!!!! I feel the same way. its horrible to feel so overwhelmed when you are just trying to better your families life.

  • John Lee says:

    Hi Lynda,

    Hope you are well and have finally dried out your basement, what a pain that must be!

    I just read your post and that brought everything back from when I first started out online nearly 3 years ago. ‘Information Overload’ is an understatement, even the hard drive on my laptop kept having blackouts!!!

    But that has all stopped now thankfully, it’s funny when you follow someone and something clicks, then you know what path to take to build your online business. There is no looking back now, onwards and upwards. You coming??? 🙂

    Best of success Lynda!


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