10.Jun.2014 Why Did I Stop Working On My Blog?

Well it took another course from Dean Holland to get me back at my blog.

I got busy working on getting a list instead of continuing with both the
blog and list building. And that is really NOT a good excuse.

However Big Commission Blueprint is an amazing course that put everything
together for me. So many parts of building a business online I had
previously known, but not how to put them into proper perspective to make
a functioning online business!

Now I see how it all works to make a cohesive sales funnel.
And it is full steam ahead once again!

So I am Committing Myself to my readers here on this blog. I Want an
internet business in order to have the financial freedom I need to
“Teach Others To Have An Internet Business” so THEY can have the life
they want and deserve… And show them how to pass along what they have
learned as well to keep this in a never ending circle!

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