09.Jul.2014 The Power of Focus Demonstrated

Here I am at the baseball park with the girls softball team instead of where I want to be…at home
getting ready for my online learning call…or I could be setting up my squeeze page for a new
challenge. (I’m the bus driver)

As I was watching the girls play the first inning and really struggling to get it together, it made
me think of how I seem to have to push each day to make my own progress as I work at becoming
an online entrepreneur.
The pitcher was working so hard and becoming a little upset with herself as each throw seemed to
have no rhyme or reason..a crazy high ball, then a straight on strike, then another strike followed
by 2 more way out there wild balls.

Her coach told her. “Take 2 deep breaths girl, then slow down your pitch…relax and throw, relax
and throw!” So she looked at her coach, smiled and bent over, hands on her knees, eyes closed for
a moment and then popped up and threw a perfect strike.

The POWER of FOCUS clearly demonstrated, for all to see, right there in front of us.

And that my friends can be a problem for all of us. Staying focused while working on the computer
can be a real chore. There are so many distractions!
Messages, pings from Facebook saying what? You wonder and want to look.
Some one is messaging you on Skype and all those emails, emails and more emails!

So just how do you stay focused on what you need to do? There seems to be several different
methods for different people because as you know…one size does not fit all.

Here are some suggestions:

1. Close all programs on your computer except for the ones you are using to carry out the task at
hand and DO NOT go back into them until your task is complete and you are completely satisfied
with the results.

2. Sometimes it is handy to have a timer by your computer, especially if you are working on a long
and/or tough project. Give yourself a 5 or 10 minute break every hour or so. Use the timer to
keep you on schedule so you don’t end up wasting your time on Facebook or emails and suddenly
realize a whole hour has gone by and you didn’t get back to what you were working on.

3. Some people like to make up lists and put time frames around everything so that they can tick
off their progress as it happens. This works very well for those who are more likely to keep
going when they see their progress visibly on paper.

4. And others just like to wing it and give it all they’ve got when the idea strikes or they kind
of have it preplanned to do that and NOT STOP until they are done!

5. Others are more comfortable working in a group setting so they can bounce ideas off of each other.
This is slightly more difficult as an internet entrepreneur but can be managed through Skype,
Google Hangouts and various webinar platforms that are available. This is much easier than it used
to be.

6. Make yourself a 6×6 inch sign that says in heavy black letters…


And put it right by your computer where you will SEE it whenever you look up or to the side. (This
is a valuable tool…USE IT!) It will help you when the going gets tough and it seems as though
everything is going down the tubes.

Setbacks are all part of the learning curve and show you what NOT to do. It’s all trial and error AND
testing, testing, and more testing!

And how’s that baseball game going? Well the girls are now in the 5th inning and despite the rocky
start have almost managed to catch up to the other team. It’s all coming together for them just as
it will for you if you just FOCUS and STAY ON TASK until it is completed!

There are 5 Comments to "The Power of Focus Demonstrated"

  • Paul Jenkins says:

    Hey Lynda, great post. You’re right – focus is key! 2 best tips I’ve seen: a) to log what one is doing as either ‘Growth’, ‘Maintenance’ or ‘Personal’ activity. A week after doing that, one soon gets to prioritize the Growth stuff! b) to use the Pomodoro technique: 25 mins of focused activity, 5 min break, basically..with a 15 min break after every 4. Check it out, it’s awesome!

  • Lynda says:

    Hey Paul, Thanks for the extra tips. Excellent ways to get more out of one’s productive times. I intend to try this and will let you know how it goes.
    Thanks for reading. Lynda

  • Margaret says:

    I completely agree!!!!! I have told the world (aka my blog) that I will be publishing my ebook by august first. You would assume that i would be done at this point and working on any final cover and layout edits. Well heck the book is still half in my head. I have been trying to figure out ways to focus better at home to get the goals I want accomplished
    and its HARD. But i agree having reasons why you are doing the work makes it a lot better. Thanks for inspiring me to get my but in gear to make my launch date!

  • Phil Berkun says:

    Hi Lynda,
    I just took two breaths and am taking a quick break to visit your site where I found this great story. Perfect way to describe a real-life situation we can all relate to in order to make your point.
    I’m noticing that the more emotion I have involved in a project, the more contortions I’ll go through as I settle in to get it done.
    Right now, I’m avoiding working on a re-style of my own blog.
    It’s back to work for me.
    (Thanks for the timely reminder to stay focused!)

    • Lynda says:

      Hi Phil, Thanks for visiting! I need to re-read my own post several times because as my daughter’s wedding gets closer I am more and more scattered myself. What to take that will be wearable more than once, what’s the weather going to be like, don’t want anything too heavy for on the plane and blah blah blah. Hmmm think I have the beginnings of a post here.
      Real life versus the internet.
      Have a good week,

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