19.Jun.2014 So To Continue The Climb

A lot has happened since I last posted to my blog. The Quick Start Challenge
ended of course and I did not get all the steps done on it but I certainly
learned enough to realize that Dean Holland was going to be the one to put
all the pieces together in the right way for me.

Immediately his next course came up I signed up, logged in and went to work.
There was a side note on the course that if you completed it in less than 30
days you would receive a free one hour strategy session with a top marketer
in Dean’s company. Woohoo!! I was stoked!

In fact I did the whole course in one day!

What course is that you say? Well it is called ‘Big Commission Blueprint’
and it does have a lengthy video to watch before signing up. But there is a
ton of information in that video and gives you a good idea of what a great
guy Dean is.

So go ahead and click on the banner at the bottom of this post.

If you are really really serious about this, about making a living online
from home, about more financial freedom so you can gain more personal
freedom, then this is the starting point. Go for it now! I know I am sure
happy I did. 🙂

Continue to follow my progress on my blog! As I learn more I will share
what is working and what is not. Till next time…keep learning! 🙂

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  • Hi Lynda – Well done on resurrecting your blog. I didn’t realise just how powerful and enjoyable a blogging platform can be, until I started mine off in May. It’s such a great way to get to know people and to build up a network of people who are ‘singing from the same hymn sheet.’

    I am also involved in Dean Holland’s business – particularly the iPro Partnership, and so I can endorse everything you have said. I will be meeting him at the Automated Income Seminar in Manchester next week a few (tickets still available here – https://rn132.isrefer.com/go/ais/rseat/) so I’ll blog you back and let you know how we got on! Richard and Averil

    • Lynda says:

      I am excited for you! I think meeting up with Dean and Craig and so many others will be just the extra oomph a person needs to get to the top themselves. Looking forward to hearing from you
      about the seminar…I promised myself that I will be there next year! 🙂 Lynda

  • So! Here is a prime example of how blogging can help people to help each other. I had written under the misconception that anyone who registers on your blog has Admin rights, and Lynda Kulas has checked this and corrected me. In fact you only need to change the drop down from Administrator to Subscriber. If you read the updated blog it now contains the correct information. Thanks Lynda

    • That being said Lynda, the advice I gave originally still stands absolutely. You do NOT want a person to Register on your blog as Admin – or they will have access to your blog Dashboard. In fact – as you correctly pointed out – you do only need to change the drop down from Administrator to Subscriber. If you read the updated blog it now contains the correct information. Thanks Lynda

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