19.Apr.2014 More Sleet and Snow

Well I drove up to Kenora, Ontario (Canada) yesterday and it was a fine sunny day. Temperatures all the way up were in the 45 to 49 degree range…even up here. lol It’s a ten to 12 hour drive depending on road conditions, etc.

This morning we got up to 2 inches of slushy snow and it was pelleting outside. Sassy (my Bichon Frise) thought it was wonderful and wanted to stay outside. At 6:45 on a Saturday morning when I could have still been sleeping, the answer was an  obvious “I don’t think so. Just do your business girl” My Dad lives in a condo on the 3rd floor so it is a trip to go in and out like she wants to do.

As I mentioned earlier, I am up here visiting with my Dad and some of my kids and grandkids for Easter Holidays. It is always good to see everyone and enjoy quality family time even if it has to be short sometimes.

About that second part in our QUICK START CHALLENGE. I have been working on what I will say in my video even though I am kind of  vacationing. It’s coming along pretty good. Aiming to get it done on Monday! lol

Once again…Happy Easter everyone!

16.Apr.2014 Last Evening’s Call

Wow! What an amazing amount of information! So we are all on a posting quest and I discovered a problem. I have no idea how to make a signature in a forum. I wonder how many others have this same dilemma. Probably quite a few as we are all in different areas of starting marketing. If I find a way I will post it on the Quick Start Challenge Facebook page for all and sundry.

So that’s it for today. 🙂

Enjoy your Easter weekend. I am heading up to Canada ( 11 hour drive) to spend it with my Dad and some of my kids and grandkids.

15.Apr.2014 No Eclipse Here

Well after being all excited about the upcoming eclipse we ended up with cloudy skies and no sign of the moon until after 5 am  this morning. How wacked is that?  A little disappointing.   🙁   Guess I’ll have to find it online to see how spectacular it was!!!

Temperature wise there is nothing new to report as we are still 20+ degrees below the normal high. Sure would like to see Spring raise her pretty head soon. I am tired of all the grey and brown. We need some green to spruce things up. (no pun actually intended..just happened that way)   🙂

Only 2 hours and 15 minutes till the 2nd QUICK START CHALLENGE webinar and I will be driving schoolbus for the first 45 minutes of it. However I am excited about what else we will be learning on this “TRAFFIC” portion.

That’s it for today.




14.Apr.2014 Surprise Surprise

Well after taking a busload of high school golfers to their first tournament on a balmy 70 degree

Friday and a weekend of solid rain but still not too bad temperature wise, I stepped outside

this morning to 27 degrees and 3 inches of snow!!! And you guessed it … a very interesting

morning bus run. 🙂

So it was a good day to come home, throw another log on the fire and fire up the blog to see

what I could come up with until it was time to go back out and take the students home.

So as you can tell I am a School Bus Driver and have done this job for 35+ years now. And yes

it is because I enjoy the kids despite some of their shenanigans. It just worked out well when

my kids were young…I was off work when they had days off, be it snow days, teacher workshop

days or vacation. 🙂

DH is retiring next year  and I am thinking about retiring as well. I have decided we need more

for our retirement then what it looks like we’ll have through pensions, etc. especially with the

economy the way it is now.

This is where “THE QUICK START CHALLENGE TURBO 2.0” comes into play. After all these

years of playing around with “stuff” on the internet it is time to get serious and make the living

online I can see happening with others.

It was time to make THAT decision… OKAY GIRL! IT’S YOUR TURN…..NOW GO FOR IT!!!

No giving up. No turning back. Go for the gold. And I WILL NOT QUIT until SUCCESS is MINE! 🙂


13.Apr.2014 My First Post

This is an interesting way to start this challenge…learning how to set up a wordpress blog.

It does take some practice I believe to get good at it as in all other things one does in life.


Follow along and see how it goes. 😀