15.Apr.2014 No Eclipse Here

Well after being all excited about the upcoming eclipse we ended up with cloudy skies and no sign of the moon until after 5 am  this morning. How wacked is that?  A little disappointing.   🙁   Guess I’ll have to find it online to see how spectacular it was!!!

Temperature wise there is nothing new to report as we are still 20+ degrees below the normal high. Sure would like to see Spring raise her pretty head soon. I am tired of all the grey and brown. We need some green to spruce things up. (no pun actually intended..just happened that way)   🙂

Only 2 hours and 15 minutes till the 2nd QUICK START CHALLENGE webinar and I will be driving schoolbus for the first 45 minutes of it. However I am excited about what else we will be learning on this “TRAFFIC” portion.

That’s it for today.




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