16.Apr.2014 Last Evening’s Call

Wow! What an amazing amount of information! So we are all on a posting quest and I discovered a problem. I have no idea how to make a signature in a forum. I wonder how many others have this same dilemma. Probably quite a few as we are all in different areas of starting marketing. If I find a way I will post it on the Quick Start Challenge Facebook page for all and sundry.

So that’s it for today. 🙂

Enjoy your Easter weekend. I am heading up to Canada ( 11 hour drive) to spend it with my Dad and some of my kids and grandkids.

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  • Hey Lynda,

    On Warrior Forum, create a free account with them. Then, go to CP which I think stands for Control Panel. There should be an Edit Profile menu on the left pane. This is where you update your name, email, website and etc.

    If you can’t figure out, I’ll make a video for you. Good luck and be safe on the road.


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