12.Aug.2014 Internet Marketing—Finding A Plan

I believe the hardest part of internet marketing is finding a plan and sticking to it.
But where do I find such a plan you ask? This was my problem for many years. I found
a lot of plans and followed them to the letter but they never took me anywhere!
At least not to the destination I had in mind…making income online.

I bought more software. I bought more push button schemes until I finally gave up on
those supposed ‘get rich quick’ ideas. I almost gave up completely for a while…but
I bought into a group that was supposed to teach me how to set up a website to make
money online to the tune of $2000.00 plus $1000.00 for 10 coaching calls. I did get a
website up after a lot of work but did not learn how to get traffic to it, how to set
it up to best monetize traffic or anything else I needed to do like set up a squeeze
page to build a list interested in my niche. Oh they would have done that for another
$4000.00 they said but you know how that goes, once bitten twice shy and besides that
hubby said a very VERY definite NO!

So once you find a plan that makes absolute sense, comes with some coaching that does
not cost an arm and a leg, it’s pretty easy to stick with it. I found this program
after following the steps in BCB. I went through the steps quickly as an
opportunity to talk with a successful entrepreneur was offered as an incentive to do
so. And I wanted that…the opportunity to talk to someone one-on-one who had made it
online…someone who knew where I had come from and knew what I needed to do to get
to that ever elusive destination…making money online!

That was all I needed to get started here in iPro. A program created by a marketer
who had gone through the pitfalls that so many of us have come through. He also knew
what it was like to struggle for years and not hit that golden egg and his vow when
he found the way was that he would share it with others. This he continues to do
making the iPro program better and better all the time so that all the partners (us)
can continue to profit from more and more income streams.

Join BCB, go through the steps quickly and get that call where you will be offered a
chance to join iPro at the level YOU can afford. I am so thankful I did this!

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