03.Sep.2014 Internet Marketing — Finding A Plan That Fits Me —

And so to continue 🙂 As I learned more and more about how internet marketing came together
I felt like I had been scammed by so many trying for their share of the Newbie market. I was
also appalled at just how many seemed to have no scruples because they either did not know
how to actually do the marketing themselves but were selling anyways or were purposely
leaving out a part of the puzzle just to keep us buying that one more product to find the
answer! Just to make money online!
(I’ll bet there’s a lot of you nodding your heads and feeling exactly the same way.)

I have no idea how many thousands of dollars I have spent over the years looking for that
solution keeping the money situation at my house always in stress mode. (and me too)
That was why I quit for a while but then got caught back in the buying game. It took 3
mentors telling me to stop buying and start selling or you’ll always be a prospect not a
marketer!!! “duhhhhhh” says I as the light bulb went on. A new note went on my computer…
“NO MORE BUYING” in red to remind me where the buying kept me.

That ‘no more buying’ lead me to this moment. I was told to find a mentor that I felt I
absolutely related to in all regards and I actually had a few dollars to put down and do
it. Whew! What a relief to find someone who was going to be totally upfront with you and
actually guide you on your way to whatever your goals were. I was told it was going to be
a lot of work, but anything in life worthwhile usually is, right? I’ll be happy to reply
to your questions and comments…so go for it 😀 and follow me on my journey.

Happy Marketing 😀

P.S. My blog is not perfect but neither am I. LOL

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  • You are so right about ‘buying’ vs ‘selling’. Every MLM I was involved with cost me more in products and training than I ever earned in profit. We have this tendency as aspiring marketers to buy own own hype as well as everyone else’s. We are the easiest people to sell to because we are in the ‘buyer’ mindset already – because we are always trying to see how the prospective customer will see us. One of the reasons I am so enthusiastic about iPro is because the sales funnel worked so well on me!! Good luck and keep on blogging…

  • Anne Uemura says:

    Hi Linda: I can commiserate with you and Richard about the thousands of dollars spent over the years on shiny objects as well as numerous MLM products, systems, etc. We make up a giant part of the population. But here we are, still going strong…and with a difference. We have found a system that works, a coach and teamthat is so enthusiastic and available, and a great FB mastermind support group. I appreciate the spirit of our fellow partners–always eager to lend a helping hand. We will all rise together. The best to you! PS And definitely my blog is slowly slowly taking shape and will never be perfect. 😉

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