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19.Apr.2014 More Sleet and Snow

Well I drove up to Kenora, Ontario (Canada) yesterday and it was a fine sunny day. Temperatures all the way up were in the 45 to 49 degree range…even up here. lol It’s a ten to 12 hour drive depending on road conditions, etc. This morning we got up to 2 inches of slushy snow and […]

16.Apr.2014 Last Evening’s Call

Wow! What an amazing amount of information! So we are all on a posting quest and I discovered a problem. I have no idea how to make a signature in a forum. I wonder how many others have this same dilemma. Probably quite a few as we are all in different areas of starting marketing. […]

15.Apr.2014 No Eclipse Here

Well after being all excited about the upcoming eclipse we ended up with cloudy skies and no sign of the moon until after 5 am  this morning. How wacked is that?  A little disappointing.   🙁   Guess I’ll have to find it online to see how spectacular it was!!! Temperature wise there is nothing […]

14.Apr.2014 Surprise Surprise

Well after taking a busload of high school golfers to their first tournament on a balmy 70 degree Friday and a weekend of solid rain but still not too bad temperature wise, I stepped outside this morning to 27 degrees and 3 inches of snow!!! And you guessed it … a very interesting morning bus […]

13.Apr.2014 My First Post

This is an interesting way to start this challenge…learning how to set up a wordpress blog. It does take some practice I believe to get good at it as in all other things one does in life. So here we go on “THE QUICK START CHALLENGE TURBO 2.0” Follow along and see how it goes. […]