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29.Jun.2014 Why Is A Continuously Wet Basement Like Marketing On The Internet

It seems like it will NEVER stop raining and just when we get ahead of the mess in the basement, it starts all over again. FRUSTRATING, MADDENING AND OVERWHELMING! You get it all cleaned up. You get it all dried out. And during the night there is a mad downpour and there you are facing […]

19.Jun.2014 So To Continue The Climb

A lot has happened since I last posted to my blog. The Quick Start Challenge ended of course and I did not get all the steps done on it but I certainly learned enough to realize that Dean Holland was going to be the one to put all the pieces together in the right way […]

12.Jun.2014 Darn Job Just Keeps Getting In The Way!

Ended up working all day but I am determined to post at least every second to third day! My job is kind of fun by times I will admit. I am a school bus driver and over the summer my small town sponsors softball, baseball and swim programs. Today was the 10 and under aged […]

10.Jun.2014 Why Did I Stop Working On My Blog?

Well it took another course from Dean Holland to get me back at my blog. I got busy working on getting a list instead of continuing with both the blog and list building. And that is really NOT a good excuse. However Big Commission Blueprint is an amazing course that put everything together for me. […]