03.Sep.2014 Internet Marketing — Finding A Plan That Fits Me —

And so to continue 🙂 As I learned more and more about how internet marketing came together
I felt like I had been scammed by so many trying for their share of the Newbie market. I was
also appalled at just how many seemed to have no scruples because they either did not know
how to actually do the marketing themselves but were selling anyways or were purposely
leaving out a part of the puzzle just to keep us buying that one more product to find the
answer! Just to make money online!
(I’ll bet there’s a lot of you nodding your heads and feeling exactly the same way.)

I have no idea how many thousands of dollars I have spent over the years looking for that
solution keeping the money situation at my house always in stress mode. (and me too)
That was why I quit for a while but then got caught back in the buying game. It took 3
mentors telling me to stop buying and start selling or you’ll always be a prospect not a
marketer!!! “duhhhhhh” says I as the light bulb went on. A new note went on my computer…
“NO MORE BUYING” in red to remind me where the buying kept me.

That ‘no more buying’ lead me to this moment. I was told to find a mentor that I felt I
absolutely related to in all regards and I actually had a few dollars to put down and do
it. Whew! What a relief to find someone who was going to be totally upfront with you and
actually guide you on your way to whatever your goals were. I was told it was going to be
a lot of work, but anything in life worthwhile usually is, right? I’ll be happy to reply
to your questions and comments…so go for it 😀 and follow me on my journey.

Happy Marketing 😀

P.S. My blog is not perfect but neither am I. LOL

12.Aug.2014 Internet Marketing—Finding A Plan

I believe the hardest part of internet marketing is finding a plan and sticking to it.
But where do I find such a plan you ask? This was my problem for many years. I found
a lot of plans and followed them to the letter but they never took me anywhere!
At least not to the destination I had in mind…making income online.

I bought more software. I bought more push button schemes until I finally gave up on
those supposed ‘get rich quick’ ideas. I almost gave up completely for a while…but
I bought into a group that was supposed to teach me how to set up a website to make
money online to the tune of $2000.00 plus $1000.00 for 10 coaching calls. I did get a
website up after a lot of work but did not learn how to get traffic to it, how to set
it up to best monetize traffic or anything else I needed to do like set up a squeeze
page to build a list interested in my niche. Oh they would have done that for another
$4000.00 they said but you know how that goes, once bitten twice shy and besides that
hubby said a very VERY definite NO!

So once you find a plan that makes absolute sense, comes with some coaching that does
not cost an arm and a leg, it’s pretty easy to stick with it. I found this program
after following the steps in BCB. I went through the steps quickly as an
opportunity to talk with a successful entrepreneur was offered as an incentive to do
so. And I wanted that…the opportunity to talk to someone one-on-one who had made it
online…someone who knew where I had come from and knew what I needed to do to get
to that ever elusive destination…making money online!

That was all I needed to get started here in iPro. A program created by a marketer
who had gone through the pitfalls that so many of us have come through. He also knew
what it was like to struggle for years and not hit that golden egg and his vow when
he found the way was that he would share it with others. This he continues to do
making the iPro program better and better all the time so that all the partners (us)
can continue to profit from more and more income streams.

Join BCB, go through the steps quickly and get that call where you will be offered a
chance to join iPro at the level YOU can afford. I am so thankful I did this!

22.Jul.2014 Real Life Versus Internet Marketing

As I read my last post I realized that in the last 12 days I had been
on my blog only to answer a few comments… But it’s exactly those
comments that keep a blog going and interesting as well!

Other marketers that get a reminder from what your post was about OR
their comments helping you to get back on track after a vacation or
as in MY CASE becoming quite scattered beforehand.
You see my youngest is getting married in 4 more days and we have the
big trip to make up to where she lives.
It’ll be 16 hours by car, pick up my father and then 4 hours by plane.

Needless to say I have been a LITTLE stressed with all the packing not
just for the road trip but trying to keep things pared down for the
plane part as well as having enough changes to do for 8 days. Sure am
glad it’s summer. 🙂

So what’s all this have to do with internet marketing you ask?
WELL I see it this way. It takes a lot of planning and attention to
detail to get all this arranged so there are no snags even if one
bag is lost for a day or doesn’t arrive for 2 more.
And it is the same for internet marketing…you must have a plan..
you must pay attention to even the smallest of details

And that is where I fell down on my marketing plan.

I have a list of things that I do each day to push my business forward
and to make it more visible on the net.

I have NOT been following my plan. I have NOT been paying attention to
the little details that improve my visibility and add momentum to my


I let my home life fill ALL of my time and allowed none for marketing
other then reading a few emails and deleting a lot!

So now it is my turn to FOCUS and make the time, even if it’s just an
hour a day over the next 9 days to follow my plan.

After all I did it in easy steps just so I could do some or all
everyday depending on my time availability.
And it’ll be short for those 9 days but as I remind myself daily!!!
I am committed! I will do this! Focus! Focus! Focus!

09.Jul.2014 The Power of Focus Demonstrated

Here I am at the baseball park with the girls softball team instead of where I want to be…at home
getting ready for my online learning call…or I could be setting up my squeeze page for a new
challenge. (I’m the bus driver)

As I was watching the girls play the first inning and really struggling to get it together, it made
me think of how I seem to have to push each day to make my own progress as I work at becoming
an online entrepreneur.
The pitcher was working so hard and becoming a little upset with herself as each throw seemed to
have no rhyme or reason..a crazy high ball, then a straight on strike, then another strike followed
by 2 more way out there wild balls.

Her coach told her. “Take 2 deep breaths girl, then slow down your pitch…relax and throw, relax
and throw!” So she looked at her coach, smiled and bent over, hands on her knees, eyes closed for
a moment and then popped up and threw a perfect strike.

The POWER of FOCUS clearly demonstrated, for all to see, right there in front of us.

And that my friends can be a problem for all of us. Staying focused while working on the computer
can be a real chore. There are so many distractions!
Messages, pings from Facebook saying what? You wonder and want to look.
Some one is messaging you on Skype and all those emails, emails and more emails!

So just how do you stay focused on what you need to do? There seems to be several different
methods for different people because as you know…one size does not fit all.

Here are some suggestions:

1. Close all programs on your computer except for the ones you are using to carry out the task at
hand and DO NOT go back into them until your task is complete and you are completely satisfied
with the results.

2. Sometimes it is handy to have a timer by your computer, especially if you are working on a long
and/or tough project. Give yourself a 5 or 10 minute break every hour or so. Use the timer to
keep you on schedule so you don’t end up wasting your time on Facebook or emails and suddenly
realize a whole hour has gone by and you didn’t get back to what you were working on.

3. Some people like to make up lists and put time frames around everything so that they can tick
off their progress as it happens. This works very well for those who are more likely to keep
going when they see their progress visibly on paper.

4. And others just like to wing it and give it all they’ve got when the idea strikes or they kind
of have it preplanned to do that and NOT STOP until they are done!

5. Others are more comfortable working in a group setting so they can bounce ideas off of each other.
This is slightly more difficult as an internet entrepreneur but can be managed through Skype,
Google Hangouts and various webinar platforms that are available. This is much easier than it used
to be.

6. Make yourself a 6×6 inch sign that says in heavy black letters…


And put it right by your computer where you will SEE it whenever you look up or to the side. (This
is a valuable tool…USE IT!) It will help you when the going gets tough and it seems as though
everything is going down the tubes.

Setbacks are all part of the learning curve and show you what NOT to do. It’s all trial and error AND
testing, testing, and more testing!

And how’s that baseball game going? Well the girls are now in the 5th inning and despite the rocky
start have almost managed to catch up to the other team. It’s all coming together for them just as
it will for you if you just FOCUS and STAY ON TASK until it is completed!

29.Jun.2014 Why Is A Continuously Wet Basement Like Marketing On The Internet

It seems like it will NEVER stop raining and just when we get ahead of the mess
in the basement, it starts all over again.

You get it all dried out. And during the night there is a mad downpour and
there you are facing that same task all over again.

And it occurred to me as I was mopping and vacuuming and moving everything
around once again to get at the water underneath… that this reminded me
quite a bit about the many steps of learning internet marketing.

There are SO many ideas out there clamoring for your attention…SO many
different ways of doing marketing. You turn every which way trying to find
out what is real and what is just another attempt to grab your money.

You buy so many different courses that never quite give you everything you
need to actually make some money online, yet you KNOW that it is possible.
You have watched marketers start out small and then in a few years you
realize they have made that much needed breakthrough and are now making
their living online.

HOW did they do it? WHERE did they find out what they needed to know?
(what you need to know)
Is it a set up? Is it a scam? Don’t they want the rest of us to know what
is the truth? It makes it all SO MADDENING!

So you start to follow one person and then they recommend someone’s product
and you follow them too and the next and the next until your inbox is SO
FULL every morning that you lose it and just delete EVERYTHING!
BUT then by the next morning there are all those offers once again and all
that intriguing information to read about all the new products that you
really should have to ‘MAKE’ it online.

And there you sit in information overload, your mind going 100 miles per

Sounds all too familiar doesn’t? This was how I felt until I found Dean
Holland…a regular person just like us who went through it all until he
found the key to internet marketing. He is still a regular down-to-earth
person with one difference…he has decided to give back to those of us
still struggling.

You can check out his story on this video here. You’ll be glad you took

the time to watch it. 

19.Jun.2014 So To Continue The Climb

A lot has happened since I last posted to my blog. The Quick Start Challenge
ended of course and I did not get all the steps done on it but I certainly
learned enough to realize that Dean Holland was going to be the one to put
all the pieces together in the right way for me.

Immediately his next course came up I signed up, logged in and went to work.
There was a side note on the course that if you completed it in less than 30
days you would receive a free one hour strategy session with a top marketer
in Dean’s company. Woohoo!! I was stoked!

In fact I did the whole course in one day!

What course is that you say? Well it is called ‘Big Commission Blueprint’
and it does have a lengthy video to watch before signing up. But there is a
ton of information in that video and gives you a good idea of what a great
guy Dean is.

So go ahead and click on the banner at the bottom of this post.

If you are really really serious about this, about making a living online
from home, about more financial freedom so you can gain more personal
freedom, then this is the starting point. Go for it now! I know I am sure
happy I did. 🙂

Continue to follow my progress on my blog! As I learn more I will share
what is working and what is not. Till next time…keep learning! 🙂

12.Jun.2014 Darn Job Just Keeps Getting In The Way!

Ended up working all day but I am determined to post at least every second to third
day! My job is kind of fun by times I will admit. I am a school bus driver and over
the summer my small town sponsors softball, baseball and swim programs.

Today was the 10 and under aged boys baseball tourney. The other small town we were
going to is almost an hour away and of course we had a bus malfunction just to keep
our boss busy in the garage!!! (He was not happy)

Anyhow we ended up only being a few minutes late and the boys did pretty good. The
games for this age group are 5 innings or 50 minutes, whichever comes first. 🙂
They won 2 and lost 1 so were all smiles for the trip home and of course quite
wound up!! The MEAN bus driver had to holler for kids to sit down on the trip back!

So that was my day…not too much time for internet learning but I will be all over
that tomorrow. As a side note though…
I am slowly building up a list…will let them know about my blog soon as I have an
interesting plan in mind for the next few months. Stay tuned 😀

10.Jun.2014 Why Did I Stop Working On My Blog?

Well it took another course from Dean Holland to get me back at my blog.

I got busy working on getting a list instead of continuing with both the
blog and list building. And that is really NOT a good excuse.

However Big Commission Blueprint is an amazing course that put everything
together for me. So many parts of building a business online I had
previously known, but not how to put them into proper perspective to make
a functioning online business!

Now I see how it all works to make a cohesive sales funnel.
And it is full steam ahead once again!

So I am Committing Myself to my readers here on this blog. I Want an
internet business in order to have the financial freedom I need to
“Teach Others To Have An Internet Business” so THEY can have the life
they want and deserve… And show them how to pass along what they have
learned as well to keep this in a never ending circle!

08.May.2014 Sometimes Life is “whatever”

Well I did not make it on the 4th call as expected. Once again work got in the way. However I did make it on the
last 1/2 hour of the bonus call. That was awesome. Need to make more $$$$$ to join Dean’s coaching program. Maybe next year I am thinking although I intend to continue using all that I have learned to further grow my list and eventually get to the point of making my living online!!! 😀 THAT IS THE GOAL!!!

29.Apr.2014 Finally Back At It

Well these last 2 weeks have gone by rather quickly and I have not been able to do any
of this. So disappointing. 🙁
But now I am able to play catch up for the rest of this week…at least I certainly
will be putting in a huge effort. NO ACTION? NO PROGRESS WILL BE MADE. So it will
be full speed ahead for the next few days.I am really looking forward to actually
being able to be on the call tomorrow. Yaaayyyyy!!!